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About Us

The Borderlines Trio is an award winning chamber ensemble originating from Bowling Green State University. The trio won first prize in the 2019 Douglas Wayland Chamber Music Competition and was invited to attend the Cincinnati Young Artists Chamber Music Festival as a Conservatory Fellowship ensemble where they were coached by oboist Alex Klein. Additionally, the trio was selected as a finalist for the Coltman Chamber Music Competition. The Borderlines Trio played together for three years and was regularly coached by Professor Yevgeny Yontov and D.M.A. candidate Hila Zamir at Bowling Green State University.

Because of the COVID-19 virus, we were unable to hold normal rehearsals and decided to take on a project in fulfillment of our chamber music credit. We chose to develop this website that is a database for flute, clarinet, piano repertoire. We hope that this resource will be useful for other trios in the future. 

The Borderlines Trio is comprised of flutist Taylor Francis, clarinetist Gretchen Hill, and pianist Steven Naylor.

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